Annie's Handmade Sweets Shop

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Annie's Handmade Sweets Shop is a cooking game where players play Annie, a passionate lover of cakes, managing the sweetest shop in town.

How to play

The game offers a variety of delicious treats, including cakes, muffins, and pies. In addition, decorations are also diverse, including a wide range of toppings like whipped cream, fruits, and sprinkles.

Use the mouse to select ingredients to make cakes. Follow the game instructions to create complete and delicious cakes. Then you can create different recipes from the given ingredients. Join Annie in making cakes and serving them to many customers, and you will earn back the money you deserve. Earn lots of money to unlock ingredients and grow your business.

The goal of the game is to make delicious cakes for customers and expand your restaurant.

Join Annie in her sweet adventure and make the best sweets in town!

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