Papa's Donuteria

Rating:4.4 (1497 votes)
Played:825345 times
Developer:Flipline Studios
Released:June 16, 2014
Classification:Papa Louie Games

Papa's Donuteria is a great part of the Papa Louie game series. It is available online for free without Flash. This time you have to prepare the best donuts in town.

How to play Papa's Donuteria

Run the donut restaurant for Papa Louie

It's carnival time and many customers are coming. Papa Louie is away for another adventure and now you have to run the Papa's Donuteria restaurant for him.

Take orders and move to various stations to prepare donuts. There are many things that you have to do. Mold, prepare, sprinkle, drizzle, fry, then add toppings to donuts.

It may take a little while to get used to all kinds of stuff to prepare donuts. So be patient and practice.

Buy upgrades to satisfy customers

You can buy upgrades from the shop to boost cooking and add services to satisfy customers. It is recommended to go for cheaper items at the early stage of the upgrade and work your way up. If you are not confident with certain processes in the game, go for that upgrade. For example, if you have trouble with the cooking station, you can buy an alarm. 

Ratings and reviews

The game is rated as an awesome time management and cooking game. Players consider it a great game to play during free time. The cooking challenges are impressive. The character customization is enjoyable. It's a cool addition to the Papa Louie series. 

Cool Features

  • Unique cooking style game
  • A variety of toppings to add to the donuts
  • 115 menu items and seasonal toppings to unlock
  • 90 crazy customers
  • Many in-game achievements
  • Free to play
  • Mini-games


How to save papa's donuteria

As you complete a level, you will the the "Save a Backup" option. Click on the button and download the backup file. Next time when you play the game, simply select a slot and upload the backup to continue your progress.

How to play papa's donuteria without Flash

Even though Adobe Flash Player is not supported, you can play Papa's Donuteria without Flash at It is available to play for free on your web browser.

Are you ready to serve an endless line of customers in Papa's Donuteria game? Play it now and share your cooking journey. Or you can play other Papa's games online for free.

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