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Papa's Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria is another game in the Papa Louie cooking game series. In this game, you have to be in charge of a burger restaurant. Take orders and prepare the best burgers for customers.

How to play Papa's Burgeria

As a new worker here, when you first enter the game and start working at Papa's Burgeria restaurant, you will be instructed on how to take orders, make burgers, and deliver them to customers. Just follow the instructions to get used to the game.

You have to do all the jobs of an employee. First, take orders and remember the orders. Then, head to the Building station to prepare the dish. Fry up the patty, add ingredients and fill up tomatoes, onions, sauces, and many other things that the customers order.

As you move further into the game, the orders will become much more complex and the number of customers will also rise. So you have to know how to balance and select the right orders to prepare first. Some dishes take longer to prepare than others. Be quick and don't let the customers wait for too long. Otherwise, they will get angry and leave. Try your best to get the best tips and scores.

You can also use your tips to purchase upgrades. You can upgrade different things from furniture to machines, and many other items that can help boost productivity and the customer's happiness.

You can play Papa's Burgeria online for free without Flash. Get ready to bake the best burgers!

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