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Papa's Taco Mia

Papa's Taco Mia is a fun cooking game that will awaken your taste buds. In this game, you play as a Mexican Chef. Your mission is to serve your customers in the best way and not miss their tacos. A best time management game to enjoy without downloading.

How to play

Build the biggest and craziest restaurant in town, where you'll sell the best tacos the locals have ever had! You'll get the key to Papa's Taco Mia when you're ready to enter the taco eating contest. Unlock different types of ingredients and make your shop better. 

Papas Taco Mia only has three stations:

  • At the Order Station, you ask everyone what they want to eat. Check this as often as possible to see if any new customers have come in.
  • The Grill Station is where the meat is cooked. You also choose the kind of meat and shell they want for their tacos.
  • The Build Station is where all the toppings and sauces come together. It even lets you trash the whole thing if you know you messed up the taco so badly that it can't be saved.

You'll be busy in the taco shop unlocking lots of ingredients for new seasonal tacos and serving up Special Recipes for huge bonuses.


  • Papa's taco mia to go is one of those games that can get overwhelming extremely quickly. If you feel it's getting too much, take a moment to pause the game before it becomes overwhelming.
  • Start upgrading as soon as you can. Don't just use the cheapest upgrades you can get. Buy what you need most, then get that instead.

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