Papa's Pastaria

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Developer:Flipline Studios
Released:December 9, 2013
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Papa's Pastaria is the ultimate cooking game of the popular Papa's games series, this time you will have the time to manage a pasta restaurant. Papa Pastria throws players in the heart of Italy for a wedding jet ticket. The first new point, you can now make changes to your character. Get your first customers and prepare the best of some delicious spaghetti, pasta, or gnocchi Bolognese and alla Carbonara. Papa's Pastaria is a restaurant game that gives you excellent time management and shows off your cooking ability.

How to play Papa's Pastaria

Game Story

It's the ninth part in the Papa Louie series from Flipline Studios. The game was released on December 9, 2013. Now you can enjoy it without Flash.

When starting Papa's Pastaria game, you need to create your character. You can choose from Doan, Utah, or you can create your own custom employees.

Once the character is created, the game plot will be revealed. You are invited to Edoardo and Olga's wedding in Portallini. You've committed to a wedding but can't find a room. Here you will start your new job at Papa Pastaria with a plane ticket and employee handbook.

Use your best dishes to grow the business, choose the right ingredients, and make sure everyone is happy.

Four stations to work with

The main objective is to manage a pasta restaurant for Papa Louie. Players have to take orders, cook pasta, add different sauces or toppings, and serve the customers.

Order Station: Take orders and copy down.

Cook Station: Drag the customer's desired kind of pasta onto the pot strainer and wait for it to cook. Remember that when it's halfway cooked, you have to stir it with a spoon. To do that, simply drag the spoon into the pot and start stirring. Once completed, lift the pasta and drain the water. Then, place it on a plate and move to the Build Station.

Build Station: Pour the required sauce and toppings to top the pasta with delicious flavors. Simply drag and pour sauce or place toppings in the center.

Bread Station: Drag the breadstick onto the conveyor in order to send it into the toaster. Once completed, drag it onto the plate of pasta and serve the customer.

Try to complete the orders quickly and accurately to earn more money. Show off your cooking skills and enjoy the world of pasta cooking challenge!

Upgrades and decorative items

To make the pasta preparation process become more efficient, you have to upgrade the equipment. Moreover, buy some decorative items to make the customers happy when they wait for the food.


How to place toppings on Papa's Pastaria?

There are different kinds of toppings in the game. To place toppings, simply drag the topping item onto the pasta and put it in the center.

How many levels are in papa's pastaria?

The game features a total of 83 levels to complete. When you go through each day, you will unlock new items and face new challenges.

Papa's Pastaria brings a new cooking challenge to fans of the Papa Louie games series. Start making pasta and satisfy hungry customers that come to the restaurant!

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