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Papa's Sushiria

Papa's Sushiria game takes place in Sakura Bay where you have to prepare the most delectable sushi for hungry customers. It's the thirteenth installment in the Papa Louie game series.

How to play Papa's Sushiria

In this game, you work as Matt, Clover, or a custom worker at Papa's Sushiria restaurant. The restaurant serves sushi and many other dishes like soups, bowls, and desserts.

Like other Papa's games, you have to take orders and perfectly cook the dishes as the orders. As for sushi, you have to cook, season, spread the rice, the fill, and top with various ingredients. Try your best to make delicious sushi rolls. There are numerous ingredients that you need to get used to. Try to add the right ingredients and make sushi as fast as possible to make the customers happy. The game features 4 main stations to prepare your food including Order, Cook, Build, and Tea Station.

Don't worry if this sounds too complicated. When you enter the game, you will get tutorials and learn the basics of the game before getting started. 

Unlock and upgrade

As you earn enough money, you can buy upgrades to improve productivity.

When the game progresses, more customers will arrive and order more complex food. And this time you need to show off your balance and multi-tasking skills. Help Papa Louie serve hungry customers with tasty sushis!

Papa's Shushiria is free to play online without flash. Good luck and have fun! 


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