Papa’s Wingeria

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Developer:Flipline Studios
Released:June 13, 2012
Classification:Papa Louie Games

Papa's Wingeria is the sixth part in the Papa Louie game series where you have to make tons of chicken wings and things to satisfy the customers of Papa's Wingeria restaurant.

How to play Papa's Wingeria

Basic information

  • Developer: Flipline Studios
  • Release date: June 13, 2012
  • Platforms: Android, iOS, PC
  • Genres: Cooking, Restaurant, Time management

Run a fried wings restaurant

You play as Chuck or Mandi, or a custom worker at Papa's Wingeria restaurant. Just like other Papa's games, you have to take orders, make chicken wings and things, and serve picky customers to make them happy.

When you start the game, you will join the training time. Just follow the on-screen instructions to learn how the game works. There are many things that you need to do, from remembering the orders to preparing fried wings and other things exactly as the orders within the shortest amount of time.

  • Order Station: You take orders here.
  • Fry Station: You cook the wings here.
  • Sauce Station: You toss the wings in different sauces here.
  • Build Station: You place wings and add different sides on a plate here.

It may take a little while to learn how to use the Stations in Papa's Wingeria game. If you make mistakes, the customers won’t be happy and you can’t get tips.

The goal of this cooking game is to serve the best wings and make the customers happy.

Upgrade to boost the efficiency

Buy decorative items in order to increase the customer waiting time. Spend your money on equipment upgrades to boost your food making process! Try to deliver the best food and service to customers in Papa's Wingeria

Game Features:

  • Option to add a custom worker
  • Day and night window shows
  • First game from the Papa Louie series with a Sauce Station
  • Chicken wings and different food
  • Cooking and restaurant gameplay
  • Fun mini-games


How to plate wings in Papa's wingeria?

The customers want you to arrange the wings evenly on the plates. To place wings, simply drag and place them around the plate. Other side dishes should be arranged along with the wings evenly.

Where can I play papa's wingeria?

You can find and play all of the best Papa's games including Papa's Wingeria at It's free to play without Flash.

How many ranks are there in papa's wingeria?

In Papa's Wingeria, there are 80 ranks in total for players to achieve.

Take on the chicken wings challenge and play Papa's Wingeria game. Lots of fun and challenges are available. Go through all the steps of making chicken wings and manage the restaurant for Papa Louie.

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