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Papa’s Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria is a fantastic game in the Papa's game series. In this game, Papa Louie is away on vacation and you have to manage the pizza restaurant for him. Take orders, add toppings, bake pizzas, and serve the customers.

How to play Papa's Pizzeria

Just like any other games in the Papa cooking game series, players will have to run a pizza restaurant. When the customer arrives, you have to take their order and make the dish as they want. Add the requested toppings, put the pizza into the oven, and cook it for a certain amount of time. Then, slice and serve hungry customers. Be precise and quick as they will get angry if you serve them the wrong dish or get them to wait for too long.

As you progress through the game, there will be more customers coming to your pizza restaurant. And their orders also become much more complex. You must know how to balance your time with taking orders and baking pizzas. It is recommended that you prepare orders that take the longest time to cook first. Try to make your customers happy to get tips.

There are three places that you need to get familiar with:

Topping Station: This is the place where you add toppings to the pizza.

Baking Station: This is the place to bake pizza.

Cutting Station: This is the place where you cut the pizza into pieces.

It's time to create pizzas and make your customers happy! You can play Papa's Pizzeria free online.

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