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Around the Worlds Pizza

Around the Worlds Pizza is an exciting cooking game in which you will be a chef participating in a journey with the most delicious pizza. Try your grill cooking skills with authentic dishes and pizza.

How to play

Starting the game, you will be guided through the basic steps to make the dish. The game includes stages like making the dough, creating the sauce, adding toppings, putting it all together, and baking the pizza in the oven.

You just need to click on the corresponding display place. Just follow the recipe, and you will definitely create irresistibly delicious pizza.

No matter how complicated the pizza is, it's all within your reach.


The game lets you cook with creative recipes like:

  • Italian
  • Galaxy Pizza
  • High-tech pizza
  • Imaginary pizza


Use mouse

Join the game now and conquer the appeal of Italian cuisine.

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