Baby Panda Forest Recipes

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Baby Panda Forest Recipes is an interesting cooking game in which you and the little bear Panda will conquer interesting dishes in the forest.

How to play

The game will give you instructions, so you can easily make dishes. It is suitable for anyone, especially helping children learn how to make dishes and gain more love for cooking.

The game offers three attractive dishes for you to choose from.

  • Rice balls: You can make delicious rice balls with your bunny. This familiar dish requires ingredients such as rice and carrots.
  • Coconut jelly: In this option, you will join the little monkey to make a new coconut jelly dish. This dessert is sure to attract anyone who sees it.
  • Peanut cake: This delicious peanut cake will be made by you with the mole. Don't hesitate to try new recipes with Chef Mole.

Prepare all the delicious dishes, put them on the table, and enjoy your work with Panda after a busy day.

With beautiful graphics and the experience of participating in cooking with funny characters, the game not only gives you a relaxing gaming experience but also helps you grasp the recipes for making attractive dishes. Have fun!

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