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Backrooms is a survival horror game that takes players on a terrifying journey through an endless maze of interconnected rooms, corridors, and levels. 

How to play

The game is set in a surreal and unsettling world known as the Backrooms, where players must navigate through an ever-shifting environment filled with danger and dread.

As players explore the Backrooms, they will encounter various hazards and obstacles, including strange creatures, deadly traps, and other hazards. The players must scavenge for supplies, manage their health and stamina, and avoid detection by hostile entities.

One of the most unsettling aspects of Backrooms is its ever-changing environment. Players never know what they will find around the next corner or behind the next door, as the Backrooms are constantly shifting and rearranging themselves.

Levels in The Backrooms


The Backrooms has three levels to play.

Level 0: starting point and resembles a yellow, fluorescent-lit corridor.

Level 1: Accessed by leaving the noclip zone and presents hazards like machinery and fog.

Level 2: The darkest level, with an industrial tunnel aesthetic and increased difficulty. The goal is to find a way out and win the game. Players must remain calm, observe their surroundings, and search for clues.

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