Biggest Burger Challenge

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Biggest Burger Challenge is a fun cooking game where you can showcase your baking prowess to create the most perfect burgers.

How to play

The controls are simple and intuitive. Using your mouse to navigate ingredients, select ingredients, and assemble your burger, Choose the ingredients in the correct order to create delicious and eye-catching burgers. 

Your burger will be made from ingredients such as bread, tomatoes, lettuce, beef, onions, and delicious cheese slices. Combining them perfectly can create an irresistibly delicious flavor.

No matter which mode you play in, the game gives you an exciting cooking experience as you make the biggest burgers yourself.

Game modes

  • Challenge Mode: Your task is to create a specific burger that meets the exact preferences of the judges.
  • Creativity Mode: You can be creative by combining different flavors and textures to make a unique and mouth-watering burger dish.
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