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BitLife is a life simulation game that allows users to take control of a stranger's life, making choices and experiencing the consequences of those choices from birth to death. 

How to play

In BitLife, players start by creating a new character, selecting their name, gender, and country of birth. From there, they can make a variety of decisions that will impact the character's life. For example, players can choose whether their character should focus on their education, career, or relationships, as well as how they spend their free time.

As players make decisions, they will see their character's attributes change over time, including their happiness, health, intelligence, and appearance. The game also includes a number of random events that can occur throughout the character's life, such as accidents, illnesses, or unexpected inheritances.

Overall, BitLife unblocked offers a unique and engaging life simulation experience that allows players to explore a wide range of possibilities and outcomes. Whether players want to live a quiet, mundane life or become a notorious criminal, BitLife provides a sandbox-like environment for them to explore their wildest fantasies and see the consequences of their actions.

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