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Burger Boss

Burger Boss is an addictive restaurant simulation game that puts you in the shoes of the boss. As the mastermind behind a fast food empire, it's your responsibility to create a thriving culinary haven that satisfies the taste buds of hungry customers.

How to play

In Burger Boss, players get to serve up a delectable array of burgers, fries, pizza, drinks, and ice cream. The game captures the essence of fast food dining, allowing players to create mouthwatering meals that leave their customers craving for more.

As the boss, you'll have to manage every aspect of the restaurant. This includes hiring and training staff, ensuring efficient service, and perfecting your menu to cater to a wide range of customer preferences. Customer satisfaction is key, so it's important to keep them happy by delivering quality meals in a timely manner.

To expand your empire, you'll need to make strategic decisions. Upgrade your kitchen equipment to improve efficiency and unlock new recipes to diversify your offerings. As you progress, you'll unlock additional challenges and opportunities, allowing you to further showcase your management skills and grow your business.

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