Carnival Chef Cooking 2

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Carnival Chef Cooking 2 is a fun kids' food game where you will create many delicious dishes during the New Year festival season. From unicorn chef cakes and cotton candy to classic hot dogs and crispy donuts, get ready to engage in endless cooking fun!

How to play Carnival Chef Cooking 2

In the game, you will learn how to make many dishes to welcome the New Year.

In addition, you will be able to use kitchen tools such as bowls, spoons, freezers, ovens, food processors, piping bags, plates, ice cream mixers, food processors, induction cookers, knives, cutting boards, chopsticks, cake molds, and fryers.

These tools are educational, allowing children to learn about different kitchen tools and how to use them.

The dishes you will prepare are extremely diverse and delicious, such as pogos, ice cream, rainbow ice cream, french fries, fried noodles, corn dogs, popsicles, etc.

Get ready to participate in cooking in the festive New Year atmosphere!

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