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Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie Clicker 2 is version 2 of the idle clicker game. The main goal is to reach the highest level and get the highest automatic CPS (Cookies per second). It's one of the most addicting games ever made because it has a simple but effective gameplay loop, but the best Cookie Clicker players don't play it like an idle game. Instead, they treat it like a strategy game on the same level as the most well-known resource-based games. It's a game with a lot more to it than just clicking on cookies, which is surprising.

How to play

The player clicks repeatedly on the giant cookie and gets the cookie. You can increase your chances of earning cookies many times over by purchasing assets or upgrading. In particular, the process of creating cakes will take place automatically. The more items you buy, the faster the cake will be created.

Tips to play: 

  • Upgrade often and soon
  • Choose your upgrade wisely
  • Be patient with your sugar cubes
  • Go for achievement


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