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Cookie Clicker 3

Cookie Clicker 3 is a fun idle game where you can enjoy hours of fun creating cookies. Get power-ups in the store to increase your production of cookies. Time to enjoy the baking process. The game is easy to play and entertaining.

If you enjoy Cookie Clicker 3, you can play it whenever and wherever you want, whether at school, home, or work. It can help you relieve stress, and increase your creative excitement. 

How to play Cookie Clicker 3

Become the best cookie baker in the world, compete with your friends to be the best monster chef, and try to beat all the collector heroes in the Cookie Clicker game.

  • To begin baking cookies, tap on the cookie.
  • Use earned cookies to purchase upgrade items.
  • Some upgrades boost production rates. Other upgrades will allow you to bake cookies automatically, giving you a permanent boost in cookie production. 
  • Idle game mechanics.
  • Accomplish all upgrades to become the new king!

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