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Cooking Festival

Cooking Festival is a casual cooking game that invites players to participate in a global culinary adventure. In this game, you become a master chef, traveling around the world to create many steamed dishes that are specialties in many parts of the world.

From soft pancakes to delicious ribs, authentic Italian pizzas to delicious ice cream, the game lets you explore the art of cooking with just a tap.

How to play

Embark on a culinary journey through vibrant cities like San Francisco, Naples, and Berlin, admiring iconic landmarks along the way. Participate in food festivals, compete in thrilling tournaments, and unlock countless ingredients to enhance your culinary creativity.

Special guests like the Dragon Festival, Geisha, and Teddy Bear await your impressive dishes and offer exclusive rewards.

With over 250 delicious dishes and enchanting decorations, upgrade your restaurant to create a culinary paradise.

The game has over 900 levels to conquer, providing a vast and exciting cooking festival experience that awaits your culinary expertise.

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