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Cooking Mania

Cooking Mania is a thrilling culinary adventure that thrusts players into the fast-paced world of running a bustling fast-food restaurant in the heart of the city. In this high-pressure environment, you'll put your culinary prowess to the test as you whip up a diverse array of delectable dishes for a steady stream of hungry customers.

How to play

Patience and precision are key as you meticulously take and fulfill orders, ensuring each dish is cooked to perfection and tailored to the unique preferences of your diners. Successful service means satisfied customers and a steady flow of income, which you can reinvest in upgrading your kitchen.

Unlock exciting improvements like state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, an expanded ingredient list, and enhanced cooking techniques to craft even more mouthwatering creations. Your goal: to build a culinary empire that attracts a growing legion of loyal patrons, establishing yourself as a true master chef in the world of Cooking Mania.

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