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Cuphead is an action-packed indie game. The gameplay in Cuphead is fast-paced and challenging, with players controlling Cuphead or Mugman through a series of side-scrolling levels. 

How to play Cuphead

Each level features a variety of enemies and bosses, and players must use quick reflexes and strategic thinking to defeat them.

Controls: The game's controls are relatively simple. You can move your character using the directional pad or joystick, jump with the A button, shoot with the X button, and dash with the B button. You can also parry by jumping and then pressing the jump button again while in the air to perform a mid-air parry.

  • Collect coins: As you defeat enemies, you'll earn coins, which you can use to purchase new weapons and abilities.
  • Defeat bosses: Each level culminates in a boss fight, which is often the most challenging part of the game. Study the boss's attack patterns and use your weapons and abilities to dodge attacks and defeat them.

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