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Doctor Kids Dentist Games

Doctor Kids Dentist Games is an entertaining and educational kids' app that introduces children to the world of dentistry and medical care through engaging gameplay.  With a focus on oral hygiene and medical procedures, the game offers a variety of mini-games where kids can treat teeth problems, foot injuries, hand wounds, and ear infections. Through interactive gameplay, children can learn to use medical tools like x-ray scanners, stitches, and bandages to provide virtual patient care. 

How to Play

Dive into four engaging medical games packed into one app. Choose from treating teeth problems, foot injuries, hand wounds, or ear infections. Experience using a variety of medical tools, including x-ray scanners, stitches, bandages, ice packs, and more. Learn their functions and how they assist in patient care.

Follow step-by-step instructions to diagnose and treat patients' ailments. Perform procedures with easy-to-understand touch controls. Customize your clinic using colorful stickers, adding a personal touch to the healing environment.

Through interactive gameplay, kids can gain basic knowledge about medical tools, procedures, and hygiene practices in a fun and engaging manner.

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