Donut Maker

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Donut Maker is a simulation cooking game where players get to craft and decorate their delicious donuts. Create the most delicious and perfect donuts for any donut shop.

How to Play Donut Maker

To start making donuts, players click or tap on various objects and ingredients within the game. The process involves selecting dough, choosing glazes, and adding toppings. Players can mix and match ingredients with different flavors, from classic chocolate to fruit flavors.

Players can also add cute toppings to make the cakes more eye-catching.

The game provides initial instructions that ensure any beginner can create their own delicious donuts. The more you play, the more perfect donuts you can make. Use your imagination to make donuts even more special.

Try combining new ingredients and flavors to discover the fun of baking. This game is a great place for you to learn how to bake and enjoy the sweet experience of creating delicious donuts.

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