Donut vs Donut

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Donut vs Donut is a fast-paced, food-themed game. In the game, you will control a donut to push other donuts out of the ring to win.

How to play Donut vs Donut

Starting the game, you will be able to choose the game mode. There are four game modes, ranging from one to four players, so you can play alone or join friends.

Choose the donut in your favorite position and color.

When starting the match, you need to quickly press the button to push other opponents out of the ring. 

Move to avoid the opponent's attack.

Your goal in the game is to be the last surviving donut in the ring. For each match you win, you will receive one star. You can pass a level if you get three stars before your opponents.

If you love donuts and want to experience a new feeling with this delicious cake, don't hesitate to join this interesting game of ours. Good luck!