Emoji Kitchen

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Emoji Kitchen is a fun game that allows you to unleash your creativity by combining familiar emojis into unique and new emoticons.

This emoji mashup tool was developed by Google's talented team. The game has an interface like a keyboard with lots of emoticons. You can explore new symbols unlimitedly.

How to play

Select the two emojis you want to measure from the right and left. You will get the result of combining these two emojis in the middle.
You can also generate random numbers using the Random button.

Select the first emoji on the left and the second emoji on the right.

You will get a new emoji in the middle of the screen.

Fun addition: You can get more unique emojis than Google's classics by combining them with a magic wand or glitter emoji.

Emoji Kitchen is like a kitchen where you can cook up countless emojis. You can explore many topics in life and create many emojis with your endless creativity.