Fork N Sausage

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Fork N Sausage is a fun food-themed puzzle game where players guide a sausage through obstacles to reach a fork. This kitchen-themed game includes many fun levels that bring you an engaging and challenging gaming experience.

How to Play Fork N Sausage

Basic Gameplay

The game includes many different levels.

To overcome them, the player must control the sausage through obstacles, including kitchen items such as pots and pans, an oven, a fan, etc., to reach the fork.

Controls: Use WASD or arrow keys or use the mouse to control the sausage.


Along the way, they can collect coins and unlock new accessories. These items can help or hinder the sausage's journey. You can also collect keys to flip the disc and get rewards, or spin the wheel to get mysterious prizes.

Complete all the levels to unlock new locations and discover the whole sausage family.

In addition, you also have to face difficult levels that add many complex challenges that require skill and logical thinking to overcome.