Funny Food Idle

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Funny Food Idle is an interesting restaurant management game. In it, you will run a roadside food store in a bustling business city. Make your dream of growing your business come true with just a few clicks.

How to play Funny Food Idle

You will play the role of a manager at a roadside fast-food restaurant.

Your task is to take orders, prepare food, and collect money from customers.

In addition, you also need to upgrade cooking equipment and unlock ingredients to prepare new dishes.

The game has simple controls with just mouse clicks. You can easily grow your business leisurely.

Initially, the levels will be easy, and you will only need to pick up a few guests during the day. However, the levels and difficulty will gradually increase. They require you to manage your time and money well to serve all your customers perfectly.

Use the coins you earn to expand your restaurant and dominate the food empire in the city.