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Home Pin 2

Home Pin 2 is the second part of the adventure puzzle game, where you will solve puzzles to help the mother and her little child unlock items to overcome the difficulties they are facing. Let's do everything so that the woman and her children have a better life.

Game Plot

The game tells the story of a woman who is kicked out of her house along with her young daughter. They found a dilapidated and cold abandoned house. With tattered clothes. You must help them survive by overcoming the game's challenges.

How to play

Help them survive

You must collect necessary survival items such as coal, matches, clothes, baby bottles, and food for mother by solving puzzles. behind the golden sticks.

Through each sentence, you will receive an item. Think logically to overcome them. If you pull the stick wrong, the objects may fall on the mother and child, and you have to start the level again. Collect more coins to use them when needed.

Decorate rooms and create new homes

Once you have ensured that mother and child have a better life, you will start building a more solid and beautiful house for them.

Use coins to buy the necessary furniture for the house to make it more spacious.

Join the game and embark on a journey to protect the poor mother and her daughter now.

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