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Ice Cream Fever: Cooking Game

Ice Cream Fever: Cooking Game is an attractive restaurant management simulation game where you will play the role of a store owner who operates a restaurant selling a variety of delicious ice creams. Satisfy all your customers and expand your food empire.

The game has over 5000 levels for you to explore, with lots of new customers and ice cream recipes.

How to play

You must receive orders, take orders, and serve them to customers.

The restaurant serves ice cream and smoothies. You must pay attention to customer requests to serve. Just press the button to pour the ice cream into a cup or blender. However, you must adjust the time appropriately to get the best ice cream and drinks. Decorate your ice cream with delicious toppings to make it the most eye-catching. The game provides more than 1000 ice cream recipes for you to explore.

Pay attention to your customers' waiting times to serve them during the countdown to get the most money.

Each day corresponds to a level and you must serve a certain number of customers to unlock the next level. After each level, you will receive items to upgrade equipment and expand your restaurant.

Tips to play

  • Serve quickly to maximize income
  • Upgrade equipment in the restaurant
  • Use enhancement tools
  • Complete daily challenges to receive rewards

Use your skills to serve as many customers as possible and become the biggest ice cream shop in the city.

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