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Jacksmith is an game by allowing players to experience the life of a blacksmith named Jack. Throughout the game, players are required to craft a variety of weapons to satisfy the needs of different characters like knights, archers, and other fantasy figures.

How to play Jacksmith

The game is divided into several levels, each presenting unique challenges and objectives. Players must gather resources like iron, wood, and gems to produce weapons that are tailored to their customers' preferences. Every weapon is distinctive and can be tailored with various attributes such as attack power and range.

Apart from crafting weapons, Jacksmith also features a battle system that lets players test their creations in combat. Players must carefully choose the appropriate weapons to use against a range of enemies, including dragons and other legendary creatures.

The game is an exciting and entertaining game that blends crafting, strategy, and combat. It immerses players in the world of blacksmithing and fantasy, offering them an exceptional and thrilling gaming experience. 

Control: Follow the in-game instructions.


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