Kara's Cafeteria

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Kara's Cafeteria is a restaurant management game where you will play as Kara, who manages a cafe and turns it into the most famous restaurant in the city.

How to play

Use your mouse to guide customers to their tables. Take the order and pass it on to the chef. When the chef has finished preparing the orders, serve them to the customers.

The amount you receive after each order will depend on customer satisfaction. If you serve the wrong dish or make them wait too long, they will be upset, and you will receive less money. So, make all your customers happy to gain maximum points.

You can use the money you earn to buy new furniture for the shop. This helps your shop become more luxurious and attract more customers.

Tips: You must prioritize more complex orders and come first to serve. Use additional power-boosting measures to maintain service speed.

Serve lots of customers, decorate your cafe with the best furniture, and make your cafe a place that diners in the city cannot miss.

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