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Kitchen Crush: Cooking Game

Kitchen Crush is a fun restaurant management game where you run a fast food cart and serve it to customers. Upgrade your equipment to expand your business.

How to play

You will perform the daily task of serving food to customers. You will fry donuts and make juice, then give them to the respective customer to receive money. Customers don't want to wait long. If you're too slow, customer satisfaction will drop, and you may get less money.

Food includes cakes and drinks. Serve them according to the order that appears above each customer's head.

Each day corresponds to a level and you will serve a certain number of customers. If you pass, you will be able to unlock new equipment and new, more interesting recipes. You can unlock up to four donut slots to increase speed.

You can upgrade and expand your restaurant's business to new heights by collecting and using keys.

Tips to play

  • Serve quickly to earn lots of bonuses
  • Collect items
  • Buy new equipment

Join this exciting cooking game and build your dream fast-food restaurant.

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