Krazy Kitchen

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Classification:Cooking Games

Krazy Kitchen is a fast-paced simulation game where players manage a takeaway restaurant to cook and serve customer orders and grow their business.

How to play Krazy Kitchen

Your mission in the game is to cook and serve customer orders accurately and quickly. At the same time, upgrade the restaurant with new dishes and ingredients.

Players use left-click to receive orders, pick up items, and drop items, while right-click is used to cut ingredients on the cutting board.

Players must quickly prepare the dishes by selecting the right ingredients, cooking them, and serving them to customers. With each order, you will receive coins, to use to buy ingredients and create interesting new dishes.

The game starts with a small number of guests. However, the more you play, the more customers will increase, requiring you to focus on satisfying all customers.

Use your cooking skills to serve as many customers as possible and turn your restaurant into your dream 5-star restaurant.

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