Leek Factory Tycoon

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Leek Factory Tycoon is an idle game. In the game, you will manage your very own leek factory to build a profitable empire. Oversee the management process, upgrade the factory, and prepare many wonderful dishes from leeks.

How to play Leek Factory Tycoon

Passive income system

Your restaurant operates even when you are offline and generates profit, allowing you to earn idle money without needing constant attention.

You will harvest the leeks with your modern line and take them to the processing plant.

Game speed is customizable

You can play at your own pace or tweak the empire to your liking to increase game efficiency.

Prove your strategic capabilities to grow your restaurant the fastest.

Many interesting recipes to explore

Transform your leeks into many interesting dishes with new and delicious recipes.

This idle and time management game promises to be a fun and engaging experience. Become the best factory manager in your leek empire.

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