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Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is an educational simulation game. They set up a lemonade stand to show their boss what they were doing and hoped they could live off the money they made.

How to play

In Classic Mode, you can choose from four different things. Short, average, long, and longer. Short lasts for seven days, Medium for fourteen, Long for twenty-one, and Longer for twenty-eight. If you beat all four difficulties, you can also choose "Infinite."

In this mode, you try to sell as much lemonade as you can in the time you have. The rent goes up with each mode until the end of the game. You need enough money to pay this rent, or you will lose. To sell more, you need the perfect recipe, which you can find by trying different things until you find the right one.

Let's learn how to make lemonade in detail in this game!

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