Mag's Bakery

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Welcome to Mag's Bakery! This is where you can learn how to bake cakes and have fun gaming experiences. From kneading dough to baking, and decorating lovely cakes.

The game will provide you with detailed instructions on how to make a delicious cake.

Baking includes steps such as kneading dough, baking, and decorating.

In kneading the dough, you need to beat eggs, sugar, flour, and a bowl. Mix all ingredients in appropriate proportions.

Then, put the cake in the oven. Wait for the delicious cakes to come out of the oven at the required time.

Finally, you need to decorate the cake with delicious and eye-catching decorations such as cream, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

Join the game, bake, and decorate your cakes to make beautiful and delicious cakes. Your friend Mag is waiting for you!

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