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Merge Cannon Chicken Defense

Merge Cannon Chicken Defense is an engaging game that combines merge mechanics with tower defense elements. Your goal is to safeguard your base from waves of enemies by deploying a variety of chickens. By training and enhancing your chicken units, you can bolster their strength and effectiveness.

How to play

To play Chicken Merge, simply drag and drop identical chickens onto each other to merge them into a more powerful chicken. Each fusion results in a stronger unit. After merging, place the new chicken on the defense lines to fortify your base. Repeat this process, continuously merging and deploying chickens, until you have a formidable army of guardian chickens capable of repelling any type of enemy assault.

As you progress and become stronger, you'll have access to better upgrades and weapons to further enhance your arsenal. Challenge your friends by sharing Chicken Merge and see who can construct the most robust coop, showcasing their strategic merging and defense-building skills.

Enjoy the addictive gameplay of Chicken Merge as you strategize and merge your way to victory, defending your base against relentless enemy attacks.

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