Merge Fruits

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Merge Fruit is a fruit-matching game where you will grow your fruit empire by combining different fruits. Start your delicious fruit journey now.

Game Overview

This puzzle game is inspired by the Suika game, a famous Japanese game. The rules of the game are very simple. Players combine the same fruits to create new fruits at higher levels. The goal is to clear the fruits by merging until they reach the golden watermelon.

Make a plan to optimize your score and reach the giant watermelon.

How to play Merge Fruit

The player's task is to merge fruits of the same type. Use the mouse or swipe on the screen to combine them. When fruits of the same type merge, they will form a new, higher-level fruit. Continue like this until you reach golden watermelon and more.

The game offers more than 200 different fruits for you to explore. Each category has its own score. Players score points by matching many types of fruit.

Tips to play

  • Plan each move
  • Focus on high-value fruits

This fun game has simple but engaging gameplay. The game has received many praising reviews from players of all ages. Join in and see if you can achieve the Golden Watermelon for success! Good luck!

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