Mom's Diary 2

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Mom's Diary 2 is a cooking game that takes you on a culinary journey across the globe, featuring famous cities such as London, Vienna, and Tokyo.

With over 1,000 unique levels, this game offers over 800 selectable dishes for players.

Each dish in the game requires its own skills, requiring you to get acquainted with them and create them to achieve culinary stardom.

How to play

The game includes many levels for you to overcome. You will play the role of a chef to prepare and serve many famous dishes in the world using ingredients such as fish, vegetables, cakes, etc.

Customers will come to the front of the bar and give their orders. Your task is to quickly and accurately execute orders to collect money from customers.

After each level, with the money you earn, you can unlock more ingredients and cooking areas to prepare new dishes.

Whether you love sushi in Tokyo or pastries in Vienna, Mom's Diary 2 game offers the exciting cooking fun of becoming a world-famous chef.

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