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My Burger Biz

My Burger Biz is a fun restaurant management game where you will operate a burger restaurant. Make cakes and serve them to your customers in town.

How to play

Your goal in the game is to earn the set amount of revenue for the day. First, you have to buy the ingredients with a certain budget of $1000. These include buns, meat, cheese, and pickles. You must manage the quantity of goods purchased so as not to exceed your budget.

Once you've purchased the ingredients, open the door to welcome customers.

Delicious burgers will be automatically created from purchased ingredients. You just need to serve them to customers and watch your revenue increase every second.

Tips for the game

  • Calculate the amount of money needed to buy ingredients to create the most burgers
  • Buy more equipment and expand the restaurant to welcome more customers
  • Press the button to increase speed in the game

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