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My Perfect Hotel

My Perfect Hotel is an immersive simulation and management game that sets the exciting world of luxury hospitality. In this game, you take on the role of a hotelier and run a remarkable luxury hotel.

How to play

Your tasks include welcoming guests at the reception desk, ensuring their smooth stay, and managing your budget to expand your resort. Interact with guests, assign rooms, and address their needs.

To increase your hotel's appeal, you have to invest in amenities and services like restaurants and pools. When you level up, you can unlock more features and challenges. 

Your main objective is to maximize profits and secure the necessary funds. Try to turn your hotel into a lavish and highly sought-after destination.

You'll be responsible for making strategic investments in your staff. Try to ensure they are well-trained and motivated to deliver top-tier customer service.

Additionally, you'll focus on enhancing and expanding your properties. Upgrade with luxurious amenities to meet the evolving needs of your guests.


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