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My Perfect Restaurant

My Perfect Restaurant is a restaurant management game with idle gameplay. Your task is to prepare various fast food and serve them to your guests. 

Through this game, you can practice great staff and time management skills. Having your own restaurant isn't easy. People come to your place hungry and ready to eat the food they carefully picked out from the menu. Some of your customers may just want something simple like a hotdog, but others are looking for something much healthier, like an avocado sandwich or a tasty fruit salad.

How to play

You will participate in the game as a restaurant manager. Your duty is to prepare many fast food and serve them to customers. These include:

  • Collect ingredients like bread, sausages, tomatoes,... and make them into delicious dishes
  • Serve dishes to customers and receive money from them
  • Use the money you make to buy and grow your mini mart by making improvements to the facilities and hiring more people.

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