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Pacman Full Screen

Pacman Full Screen is a Pacman game that builds upon the classic Pacman concept, offering players an immersive experience with additional features.

In this full-screen adaptation, players control their Pacman to eat and pursue others while avoiding monsters, all within a dynamic and expansive play area.

How to play

Upon entering the game, each player assumes control of a Pacman with an initial mass of 1. The objective is to navigate the playground, consuming food to grow in size. Players must strategically avoid larger Pacmen controlled by opponents while actively chasing and attacking smaller ones.

Devouring a rival Pacman results in gaining their mass, contributing to the competitive edge. Players can control the Pacman using mouse or touch inputs, and they have the option to temporarily speed up.

The game field, though limited, demands careful navigation to find food, attack smaller opponents, and avoid monsters. Players can strategically utilize wall blocks placed in the field to dodge attacks or gain a tactical advantage.

Tips and tricks:


The game has monsters that require players to adjust their approach:

  • Red monsters gradually reduce a Pacman's mass upon contact.
  • Blue monsters freeze them for a brief period of time.
  • Orange monsters slow Pacman down, and pink monsters temporarily disable the speed-up ability.

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