Papa Louie Coloring

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Papa Louie Coloring is a fun game where you can color. In this game, you have to color pictures of your favorite Papa Louie characters. There will be a lot of different pictures in the game. You'll have to pick the one that works best for you and then start decorating it.

How to play

Just pick a black-and-white picture and start painting it with colored pencils and watercolors. You should know that you have a lot of freedom to be creative, so pick any color you like and put it on the object in the picture. There are two ways to play the game: coloring or drawing. First, it will be possible to finish all of the levels in one mode, and then it will be possible to finish all of the levels in another mode.

In the drawing mode, you have blank sheets of paper where you can draw and color the characters in YOUR style, which is something that not many other Papa Louie coloring games can do. Let's start now and enjoy the game.

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