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Papa’s Potateria

Papa’s Potateria is a restaurant management fan-made game inspired by Flipline Studios' popular Papa’s series. Set in the vibrant Sugarplex Theater, players take on the role of a worker serving fries and wings to hungry moviegoers.

How to play Papa's Potateria Deluxe

The game offers the unique opportunity to play as two chefs, Kenton and Simone. Kenton, not only a chef but also a producer, and Simone, a chef and sound engineer, add diverse skills to the gameplay.

As a player, you have the option to customize your character, unlock new toppings and sauces, and engage with the unfolding story through cutscenes and mini-games.

Operating in a bustling movie theater, you'll encounter hungry and sometimes discerning customers. Your task is to attentively listen to each customer's order, navigate to the kitchen, and meticulously fulfill all requests with precision.

The game combines culinary challenges with the dynamic setting of a movie theater, creating an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

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