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Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker is the ideal fast food cooking game in which you will transform into a chef making pizza for your customers! Take every customer request, make and sell pizza. Make sure not to let them down by carefully following the recipe and delivering the pizza on time.

Customers will ask for different things, so you'll need to make special pizzas for each of them. You can get the rewards if you can make them happy.

Game Controls

Click the arrow to get started. The pizzas you are going to serve will be shown.

The order from your customer will appear in a speech bubble. You have to make the pizza JUST LIKE IT SAYS. To do this, click on each ingredient one at a time to move it to the pizza crust. Time is running out! When you're done making the pizza, put it in the oven and move on to the next order.

Don't make too many customers mad, or you'll lose. Try to make the best pizza and move up in levels. Best of luck!

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