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Planet Clicker

Welcome to Planet Clicker, where your mission is to conquer the universe with just a few clicks. In the game, you will click to generate more energy and expand your universe's territory.

How to play

Starting from humble beginnings on Earth. Through strategic clicking and building essential industries like farms and power plants, you will create an epic journey with many planets, new, advanced technology, and limitless possibilities.

You exploit the resources of celestial bodies to create units of energy. With each new planet you discover, you unlock groundbreaking technologies and increase productivity. Countless opportunities are waiting for you to explore.

The further you go, the more you'll encounter countless new energy sources, including nuclear power, oil reserves, and even alien technology.

Game features

The territories to explore are diverse

Many advanced technologies and resources

Sharp graphics are suitable for many devices

Are you ready to join the clicker battle in Planet Clicker unblocked and conquer the universe with the power of your clicks?

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