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Cooking Games

Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni

Roxie's Kitchen: Cromboloni is a fun cooking game where you will cook delicious cakes together with Roxie in her kitchen.

How to play

In the game, you will make Cromboloni, also known as croissants, a roll-like cake. Your task is to make cakes and dress Roxie beautifully.


You have to shape the cake, add different fillings, and bake it. Then decorate the cake with many other delicious ingredients, such as fruit, frosting, and different types of jam. This makes the cakes sweet and attractive to anyone who sees them.

Choose an outfit for Roxie

After you've finished making the cake, you can change Roxie into cute outfits. Her style depends on you.

Join a new baking experience with Roxie now.

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