Slider Scouts

Rating:3.5 (5 votes)
Played:1495 times
Developer:Flipline Studios
Released:October 4, 2016
Classification:Cooking Games

Slider Scouts is an exciting mobile game that puts you in the role of a lone Slider Scout who is running late for camp. Your mission is to recruit more scouts for your troop at the Scout Lodge. Get ready for a thrilling adventure as you guide your miniature burger through the uncharted forest, where surprises await at every turn!

How to play

Using simple swipe controls, you'll send your Slider Scout on a massive adventure. The scouts will continue sliding until they encounter a wall that blocks their path, requiring your guidance to navigate through the wilderness. Swipe in different directions to lead your scout and aim to reach the exit, allowing them to continue their travels and explore the next area.

Slider Scouts offers a fun and addictive gameplay experience. Each level presents unique challenges and obstacles, keeping you engaged and entertained. Discover new areas, unlock achievements, and collect rewards as you progress through the game.

Get ready to embark on a burger-filled adventure and guide your Slider Scout to recruit a formidable troop of scouts. Swipe your way through the uncharted forest, overcome obstacles, and enjoy the excitement of Slider Scouts!

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