Squishy Fruits

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Squishy Fruits is a matching game where you have to combine the same fruits to create interesting fruits. Explore the diverse world of fruits with your fusion strategy.

How to play

Your goal in the game is to combine many of the same fruits to reach a higher level of fruit.

The more you combine, the more new fruits you create. This is interesting for those who love fruits.

Each successful merge creates bigger fruits and leads to higher scores.

Tips to play the game

  • Don't drop too fast. Stay calm to combine the fruits correctly. Initially, there was a lot of free space. But after that, the box will gradually fill up, and you need to avoid letting the fruit fall out.
  • Pay attention to the next type of fruit. In addition to paying attention to what type of fruit you need to release, you need to pay attention to the next type of fruit to have a suitable plan.

Take the plunge, start squishing, and enjoy fruit explosions!

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