Store Manager

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Store Manager is an interesting business simulation game where you will manage a mini supermarket selling various items. Fill your customers' shopping carts with your goods and expand your business with the profits earned. Join now!

How to play

You will manage a supermarket from stocking shelves to cashiering to expanding its business.

Your supermarket sells items such as high-quality vegetables, fish and meat, perfumes, and electronics. For each type of good, you will receive a corresponding amount of money.

At first, you only sell items such as vegetables, fish, and meat. After serving a certain number of customers, you will profit from them. Use the money you earn to expand more areas in the store to earn more revenue for your mini supermarket.

Note: Always pay attention to empty shelves to get more items. If you keep customers waiting too long, they will leave.

Show off your store and time management skills to earn lots of money in this fun simulation game. Can you turn your small store into a dream shopping mall?

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